April 03, 2008

Hamid Jabbar (2)

Golden Cow
translated by A. Rahim Jabbar

weaving roots of agricultural lands are continuously maturing sprouts that are germinating endlessly growing stems then growing branches then growing twigs then thickening the foliage then yielding fruits of interests that are continuously growing various industries from down-streams to up-streams down to phantom industries fertilizing the fertilization of capitals that are continuously growing and enlarging to feed growing monopolizing conglomerates that keep executing acquisitions to mount up heaping profits for gigantic business octopuses piling up continents within the clutch of the power of value added that keep adding values oh, oh just like the muzzles of cannons belonging to the economic commanders in chief that are bombing the army commanders that are borrowing the detained technology commanders that are caressing the commanders for information communication to silently pick the galaxies so deeply attached to the universe into boundary-less boundaries closing down this opening up that like this like that in the cultivation of the cattle of this civilization’s desires!

then as the shepherds of the civilization’s cattle they appoint themselves to become purely un-revise-able Machiavellian! do not be half-hearted doing things halfway, if you would like to take part in this theatre! all are already available within the arena with boundary-less boundaries as the masticating cows ruminate intensively adding on top of being dairy cows then squeeze out to milk capital enthusiastically then as the sacred cows worship cow-ish capital day in day out then as the sacrificed cows then sacrifice anything and everything then as the shepherds sacrifice anything and everything cows or non-cows who cares not being choosy this cow that cow since cow is cow and sacrifice is sacrifice and anybody or everybody it is just the same in the waves of trading market for meat the most important ones are the butchers above all other butchers all the laborers working on bones all weighing selling everything on big sales in the mass ranching industries that are the most devilish although having to fertilize the capital cows with cow shits in order that to grow anything and everything for pretentious development then manure the capital cows with cow bellows which will grow unequally all average equalization balances then manure capital cows with cow dealing in such ways that crisscross all the fluctuating graphs of ones’ prices of self-respect then manure capital cows with cow race so that credits and sickles reap all patents on all basic human rights under the heels of cow-ish-ness that sweep each and every stock in the capital markets that are gangga river for the true capitalists that muddy the estuary of all rivers that are flowing miserably surging the barongsai * cows on all shepherding fields for all bond-slaves that are the most golden cows being packed sparklingly masticating and ruminating this civilization!

the accumulation of this cow-ish capital
finally reaches the procession of
the permanent distribution of dividends
into magical mystical rite that is most packed
the worshipping of idol
the golden cow!

* barongsai = dancing dragon dance

Sapi (K) Emas
arus akar tanah pertanian terus memupuk kecambah merayap terus tumbuh batang terus kembang cabang terus tambah bertambah ranting terus merimbun daun pun berbuah bunga bank memupuk laba terus tumbuh kembang industri rupa-rupa hingga industri pura-pura memupuk pemupukan modal terus tumbuh kembang konglomerasi monopoli tumpuk menumpuk terus aku-isasi tumpuk laba menggunung laba-laba gurita raksa-sa memupuk tumpuk benua benua dalam genggaman kekuatan nilai tambah tambah tambah tambah bernila-i ai ai belalai meriam sang panglima ekonomi ngebom panglima tentara ngebon panglima teknologi ai mem-belai panglima komunikasi informasi memetik sunyi galaksi galaksi begitu dalam dalam ke dalam batasan batasan tanpa batasan menutup membuka ini itu begini begitu pembudidayaan sapi ternak segala kehendak peradaban ini!

maka sebagai penggembala sapi ternak peradaban ini angkat diri menjadi machiavelli murni tak kenal revisi! jangan tanggung-tanggung kalau mau ikut manggung! segalanya telah tersedia di lahan batasan batasan tanpa batasan sebagai sapi pemamah biak memamah biaklah tambah bertambah sebagai sapi perah maka perahlah modal penuh gairah sebagai sapi suci sembahlah modal sapi sepanjang hari sebagai sapi korban maka korban-kanlah apa saja segalanya maka sebagai penggembala korbankanlah apa saja segalanya sapi tak sapi tak peduli tak pilih-pilih sapi ini sapi itu tersebab sapi adalah sapi dan korban adalah korban dan siapa saja sama saja di gelombang pasar dagang daging yang penting jagal sungguh segala tukang segala tulang segala timbang juallah jual obral dalam peternakan industri massal yang maha dajjal ini mesti pupuk sapi modal dengan tahi sapi hingga tumbuh kembang segala rupa apa saja pembangunan pura-pura maka pupuk sapi modal dengan lenguh sapi hingga tumbuh timpang segala neraca pemerataan rata-rata maka pupuk sapi modal dengan dagang sapi hingga lintang pukang segala grafik fluktuasi harga diri maka pupuk sapi modal dengan karapan sapi hingga kredit-clurit memanen segala hak paten atas segala hak asasi manusia di atas hak sepatu kesapian sapu bersih semua saham di pasar modal yang sungai gangganya para pemupuk teguh keruh muara segala sungai yang arus sangsai menggelombangkan sapi barongsai di segala padang padang penggembalaan para budak belian yang paling sapi emas kemas cemerlang memamah biak peradaban ini!

akumulasi modal kesapian ini
ternyata sampai juga pada prosesi
pembagian deviden secara permanen
ke dalam ritus magis mistis paling kemas
penyembahan berhala
sapi emas!

Jakarta, 1992/1993

Good Bye, Enslaved Indonesian People

I am Indonesia, the land that you adore in your songs. I am
Indonesia that you trample upon with your deeds. I am
Indonesia that you caress lustfully. I am
Indonesia that you rape violently with damned hatred. I am
Indonesia that you hold onto so obsessively. I am
Indonesia that you sell out very cheaply. I am
Indonesia that put into hell through your bloody conflicts. I am
Indonesia that you deify through possessive unity. I am
Indonesia that is becoming more unbearable to endure. Admit,
you all wish to bid me farewell: “Good Bye Indonesia”. Go away,
if you really want to go. Hopefully, you might become really independent.
Truly independent!

Then, when you have really become truly independent human beings,
then and only after that, I will accept as truly Indonesian people!
And at that time I will bid farewell to you: “Good Bye the Enslaved Indonesian People!”

Jakarta, 28th October, 1999
translated by A. Rahim Jabbar

Selamat Tinggal Manusia Budak Indonesia

Akulah Indonesia yang kalian puja-puja dalam lagu. Akulah
Indonesia yang kalian injak-injak dalam tingkah laku. Akulah
Indonesia yang kalian elus-mulus dengan penuh birahi. Akulah
Indonesia yang kalian perkosa dengan kesumat keparat. Akulah
Indonesia yang kalian pertahankan begitu gila-gilaan. Akulah
Indonesia yang kalian obral-gombal habis-habisan. Akulah
Indonesia yang kalian persetankan dalam pertikaian. Akulah
Indonesia yang kalian pertuhankan dalam persatuan. Akulah
Indonesia yang semakin tak tertahankan untuk bertahan. Akuilah,
kalian ingin mengucapkan, “Selamat Tinggal Indonesia!” Pergilah,
kalau kalian mau pergi. Semoga kalian sungguh-sungguh merdeka. Merdekalah!

Maka kalau kalian sudah sungguh-sungguh menjadi manusia merdeka,
baru akan aku akuilah kalian sungguh-sungguh sudah menjadi manusia Indonesia!
Maka akan aku ucapkan kepada kalian, “Selamat Tinggal Manusia Budak Indonesia!”

Jakarta, 28 Oktober 1999