August 18, 2008

Si Kabayan 3


Si Kabayan and his wife went to Mount Cede to spend some time as ascetics, praying and fasting and meditating, so that their wish to become rich might be granted them. One day, in the midst of their meditations, a god appeared to them.

"Kabayan," said the god. "I grant you two wishes. But only two. You had better talk it over with your wife before you make them."
Kabayan and his wife had a lengthy discussion about what they should wish for. It was simply impossible for them to agree. Kabayan wanted to wish for a great amount of money, but his wife thought they should wish for an abundant supply of rice. Finally Kabayan became so annoyed with his wife that he said, "I wish the gods would turn you into a monkey!"

Immediately Kabayan's wish was granted, and he saw his wife transformed into a monkey before his very eyes. This he could not bear, and so he wished that his wife would become herself again. His wish was promptly granted.

But with these two wishes Kabayan's chance to ask for wealth was gone, and he and his wife remained poor as long as they lived.