July 02, 2008

What's Poetry

What's poetry

The Jakarta Post, Sunday, July 15, 2001

What's Poetry?

One shouldn't write poetry,
For the sake of writing poetry,
A subject or a thought,
That catches the mind,
A thought that steals your heart,
That stirs and emboldens the mind.
Poetry should be something Divine,
An emotion out of the blue,
It should help us to fly,
On the wings of fancy.
A thought provoking sonnet,
Promises the company of a friend.
A lunatic, a lover, a poet,
Are of imagination all compact
Said the famous bard.
Do you agree with the bard?
Is poetry an emotion recollected in tranquility?

So that one should be inspired.
The limitless inspiration,
The power of imagination,
A willing suspension of disbelief,
Can give you the strength and belief,
To write and enjoy poetry,
In its infinite variety.

By Sapna Deepak

Time, Playing with a Kaleidoscope . .

Time, playing with a kaleidoscope (his toy),
Moved it a bit with a twist of his wrist
Breaking a pattern;
And other shapes come settling in place,
Color making room for color
Forming another pattern,
Until Time, playing with the kaleidoscope, his toy,
Moves it a bit with a twist of his wrist
Changing the pattern again

By Bibsy Soenharjo